Celebrating 40 Years in IT and Property Management - Capital Property Manager

Celebrating 40 Years in IT and Property Management

By Angela O'Hearne


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Happy Birthday to us – 40 Years Young!

We are celebrating 40 years in the IT Business this month and it’s hard to believe where the time has gone and how far technology has advanced. In 1982 personal computers were becoming more and more popular and, along with the ‘brick’ mobile phone, companies were embracing this new way of life. Ledgers were replaced by accounting software, calculators replaced by Lotus 1-2-3, typewriters by WordPerfect and the many business sectors realised that software could be written specifically to their requirements. Deans Computer Services was at the forefront of the demanding technology and gradually expanded from a small office to teams of engineers, developers, installers and trainers. Emailing was a distant glimmer at this point but when Microsoft and the internet appeared, nothing was the same ever again.  The whole world was suddenly connected 24/7.

Evolving Technology for Property Managers

As companies were becoming increasingly reliant on new software replacing manual systems, DCS recognised a gap in the property market.  There was a serious need to manage portfolios more efficiently by storing information in a central database with real time management reporting. We were one of the first companies in the UK to launch a property management software and when the system became so popular we had to move it onto it’s own sister company with further teams of developers, installers and trainers travelling globally.

Our Property Management Experience

Our team at Capital Property Manager know that when a company is ready to invest in property management software, there are several areas expected as standard.  What makes CPM different to other software companies is we will let you know if it won’t fit your requirements. For us, it’s all about happy customers and not just the sales figures.  How many companies do you know that will be so honest?

As we are definitely no ‘new kid on the block’ we understand property management and bring a wealth of knowledge with many years experience in all things relating to your business IT. So, if you would like to find out more about Capital Property Manager or Deans Computer Services, please join in our celebrations with the many customers who trust their property portfolios and business IT to us.