Modules - Capital Property Manager

Asset Manager

It’s the heart of our Capital Property Manager system and the key to your continued success. The clean and modern interface is extremely user friendly too.

Developed for both commercial and residential sectors, CPM stores essential information for a mixture of assets, ie offices, retail, industrial, cottages, flats, land, farms, wayleaves, etc.

Clear and concise recording of tenant and head lease information with reminder dates populating its own internal diary management system.

CPM is so easy to use and holds unlimited information for properties, units, tenants, head leases, inspections, images etc.

Estate management is even easier with our powerful reporting function providing instant visibility of your portfolio. Standard and custom exports are also an integral part of the system.

Rental Income Module

CPM’s commercial and residential property software makes the financial side of estate management simple by organising all tenant charges and receipts.

You can automatically and manually produce rent, service, insurance and miscellaneous demands, plus credit notes. Omissions reports, checklists and audit functions ensure the procedures are run smoothly.

Demands and credit notes can be directly emailed, plus the information can be exported as a csv file ready to import into your preferred accounts system.

All payments, credit matches and on account information is easily entered, enabling a comprehensive suite of reports ready to produce. These include statements of account, payments received & denied, aged debtors and account history, etc.

Service Charge Module

Capital Property Manager enables you to easily manage the apportionment of property and tenant service charges with year-end reconciliation detailing the split between budget and actual.

Seamless integration with our rental income module means that budgeted service charges are demanded throughout the year and charged with zero fuss.

Tenant apportionment is added per tier to automatically calculate the actual expenditure entered against the service year's budgets and allocate to the relevant area of the building.

Capital Property Manager software produces comprehensive reports such as detailed year-end reconciliation along with expenditure analysis and tenant/property statements.

Property Maintenance

This addition to the Capital Property Manager’s suite of modules is so easy to use with seamless integration from the main property record.

From registering the issue with the help desk through to assigning contractors to quote and carry out the work, the property maintenance module is ideal for managing all reactive and proactive repairs on your properties.

With the recording of work variations and payments being vital for the comparison of your budget v actual costs and the production of essential reports, Capital property maintenance is 'just the job'.

Property Payable

Capital’s property payable software makes the financial side of estate management simple by organising all landlord and associated charges with payment frequencies.

Incorporating automatic and manual production of rent, service, insurance, rating and various miscellaneous charges helps keep you on top of all your property expenditure.

CPM’s comprehensive suite of property payable reports include checklists and audit reports, drilling down to historic payable information.

Document Management

Who needs a separate CRM system when you can record all correspondence and communications with your tenants, landlords and owners?

CPM's document management is an important part of the base system and not only holds all information but generates standard templates and links to Microsoft Word for mass mail merge emailing.

With follow up reminders direct to Outlook you will never miss an important date again.

Accounts Integration

DCS has been supplying accounting systems to customers and supporting them for over 37 years, including Pegasus Opera 3, Exchequer, Intact iQ and Iplicit.

Our commercial and residential property software can export your rental invoices straight into preferred systems at the push of a button. This keeps both the property management and accounting teams comfortable working with familiar solutions.

Support & Training

You can also enjoy the ultimate peace of mind once you’ve adopted your new property management system. We provide the best online support, consultancy and intensive training with our dedicated team – at your offices or at our fully equipped training suite at Boston Lodge. You can also sign up for refresher training via Microsoft Teams.

All systems are supplied with a contract so you can rest secure in the knowledge that your property management software is fully supported and regularly updated.

Equinox 7

Equinox’s ease of use and resilience make it our preferred database for developing systems. Our 35-year connection with its creator, Compsoft Ltd, enables us to develop the best estate management system in CPM, as well as other systems, including:

• Dealer CRM & Service Manager
• Care Home Manager
• NHS Manufacturing Applications
• Contract Rental Systems

Our property management software is always sold with concurrent licences and upgraded every time a new release is launched.