Getting the most out of the data in your property management system?

Data Cleansing & your Property Management System

By Angela O'Hearne


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There’s a definite optimism in the DCS camp that Spring is in the air and life may be returning to the ‘new’ normal very soon.

Just thinking how we have had to adapt over the 12 months to try and survive/continue to grow.  Are the ways we used to work still efficient and have we been able to work from home with ease or is there an area where we just wished it worked better?  Working from home means that we have to access our business IT easily and ensure our business isn’t at risk on a cybersecurity front, so keeping our hardware and software up to date should be at the top of our list. Are you getting the most out of the data in your property management system?

Current Systems

Are you still running systems that have been taking up space and slowing down operations? If so what processes or programs could be simplified or speeded up? If you are at the point where your property management system is not producing the information you need perhaps it’s a good time to have a fresh look to ensure you are recording all the data that your business needs.  So often companies using property databases store the bare minimum of information to just generate, for example, rent demands.

With a fresh look at your system you may be amazed at the hidden extras available, such as:

·         The ability to store lease documents, floor plans, photographs, etc.
·         Producing tenancy reports comparing the ERV with the actual rent being charged.
·         Holding rental step information so the increase hits the automatic rent production and apportions the difference.
·         Producing your own exports to Excel.
·         Sending mailshots to owners, tenants and landlords.
·         Diary reminders prompting when the rent increase notice needs to be served.


The list is endless!

Changing Needs

If your business needs have changed and your system isn’t providing you with the additional information you need then it’s time to start looking for something new.  This ensures your evolving business doesn’t just ‘make do’ but runs efficiently with evolving technology.

Data Cleanse

Whether you are running an old or new property management system it can be very frustrating when old data is clogging up the actual information required and your management reports are full of garbage. We know that Capital Property Manager is a perfect solution to manage all your property requirements and with the introduction of GDPR we must ensure that the personal information it holds is secure.  Auditing and cleansing your data at any point during the life of the database is a worthwhile exercise to ensure you can totally rely on the information produced.

Just think about the full benefits of your database and aim to get the absolute most out of it.

To find out more about system cleansing check out our Head Office link.