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Why are ‘powerful’ property management systems so expensive?

By Angela O'Hearne


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Is it just me, but reading so many advertisements from property management software suppliers expressing how powerful their systems are, I’m wondering whether this ‘word’  justifies the costs quoted?

I agree that behind every system is a huge team of people developing, supporting, training, enhancing, fixing, etc., but what if these huge systems are just too big for your requirements?  Should you have to spend more on the services these companies offer than the actual cost of the software?

We spent lockdown re-evaluating our Capital property management system with our dedicated client base and realised that for small to medium sized portfolios, Capital Property Manager completely covers your requirements.

I have to admit that Capital Property Manager is ‘powerful’ but not to the extreme that you need a masters degree to understand the basics and a huge loan to pay for it. CPM is a system that we are proud to supply and support.  If you need help we are always at the end of the phone or email.

I thought I would list the positive points where our customers agree our system works well:

1. Written by surveyors for surveyors, we have been providing property management systems for over 30 years.
2. Very user friendly, along with the team behind it.
3. I know looks aren’t everything, but the screens and fonts are so clear and fresh.
4. Holds all the fields relevant for managing properties and tenancies but easily configurable for our developers to add extra information for your specific requirements.
5. Additional modules available and ‘switched on’ but only if you need them.
6. Can be held in the cloud or locally on your own server. Cheaper option too if held locally and using remote access from home/away from the office.
7. Information can be passed to your accounts system so the property and accounts departments can use their preferred software.
8. Constantly evolving with seamless client updates online.
9. No hard selling from our team.  We are honest to the point that if your requirements don’t fit we suggest other software suppliers.
10. We don’t charge a fortune!
11. The Capital team are part of a much bigger IT company (Deans Computer Services Ltd), which can cover all your hardware and software requirements – should you need them.

And the negatives:

1. I’m thinking ……..???


To determine whether Capital Property Manager would work for you and your business please get in touch with me – Angela O’Hearne ([email protected]) for a no obligation online demo.