5 Reasons why your Business needs Capital Property Manager - Capital Property Manager

5 Reasons why your Business needs Capital Property Manager

By Angela O'Hearne


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So here are the first 5 reasons why your business needs Capital Property Manager:

No. 1 – Perfect for a variety of property management sectors
Some property software systems specialise in one sector only, which is often restrictive as many property companies need to manage portfolios across a wide range of property types, such as offices, industrial, retail, country estates, cottages, farms, lands, wayleaves etc.
Capital Property Manager (CPM) offers a comprehensive solution across all sectors for small to mid-range property management. Straightforward, accurate and with easy to digest information, CPM has been designed to handle the complexities of the property sector.

No. 2 – Transforms and improves the efficiency of managing property portfolios.
Filing systems are a thing of the past as CPM keeps all your properties, tenancies and leaseholds in one place.  With access to accounts, documents, spreadsheets and images, your information is available at the touch of a button. This means that your data is readily available for your board meetings; through standard reports or exports to Excel.

No. 3Written by IT and property professionals
By combining the skills of both the IT and property sector, you get a system that really works.  Developed by the DCS programming team in conjunction with chartered surveyors, CPM is a proven, robust solution that has been put through its paces in a rigorous testing process and is now used by a variety of property companies, both in the UK and abroad.  Any enhancements or legislative changes are quickly added, using first-hand knowledge from in-house property professionals to explain the impact of these changes and ensuring that the system remains compliant.

No. 4 – Owned by Deans Computer Services , with a heritage of supporting companies with a whole host of IT solutions and writing bespoke software systems
IT and customer support service is in our DNA.  With nearly 40 years of experience, we understand business pressures.  Our in-house programming team are an integral part of DCS as we know that standard, off the shelf packages don’t fit everyone’s business needs. By talking to our clients and learning about their businesses, we can provide a system that helps them become more efficient, provides an ROI quickly and can be used by everyone in the company.

No. 5 – Extremely user friendly, with easy to operate functionality
The design of CPM combined with our rigorous in-house testing has resulted in a system that does what it says on the tin – manages your property portfolio.  The recognisable functionality and ease of use of CPM means a quick implementation time, with users keen to get their hands on the system and a high adoption rate amongst customers.

To take a look at this versatile and easy to use software, contact us to arrange a demonstration, without leaving your office.