Introducing our Capital Product Manager! - Capital Property Manager

Introducing our Capital Product Manager!

By Suzie Cowling


Introducing Angela O’Hearne who has joined DCS as Capital Product Manager – read how excited she is about the relaunched software

1.Tell us a little about yourself – how did you get to where you are now?

Over 30 years ago DCS operated with two other IT businesses, one supplying PC training and the other property management software. I managed the training company which provided training for all the businesses. When the training sector started to be self-sufficient, I joined the property management company initially as Training Manager with progression to Operations Director. As the company went from strength to strength it was sold but unfortunately the merger didn’t quite work out as expected so, along with two development colleagues, we joined DCS and I managed the CRM system. As there was still a huge market for a user-friendly property management system, we developed Capital.

However, a few months later our ex MD bought back the property management company and carried on as before so I moved back to join him.

Fast forward several years when the MD retired, I decided it was high time to head back to my DCS family that I trust wholeheartedly and re-launch Capital Property Manager.

2. What experience have you had in the property management market?

Purely from a software point of view, 30 years of meeting so many different property companies advising the best way to manage their software requirements.

3. What changes have you seen in the industry?

The property industry has had various changes over the years but the principles have remained the same. The requirements for a system now are far greater as surveyors and property managers expect much more as technology evolves.

4. Why DCS?

Amazing company with a solid reputation and like a second family! They have been in the IT services market for over 38 years and really look after their customers and staff.

5. What does Capital Property Manager do and for whom?

It’s a sleek, sophisticated database that takes the effort out of property/asset management. Customers love the user friendliness and appreciate that they don’t need days of training and consultancy to get up and running. The system works for them rather than the other way around and is ideal for a multitude of sectors – such as Investment Companies, Landed Estates, Managing Agents, Retail, etc.

6. What excites you about CPM?

The positive feedback from customers who love the simplicity and style is uplifting but the fact that the system is so powerful and versatile to bespoke is a tribute to our fabulous development team.

7. Any future developments planned for CPM?

Definitely. We are working on two additional modules and developing with evolving technology.

8. What would people be surprised to hear about you?

I’m a master of disguise when attending functions hidden in various fancy dress outfits but I also have a burning desire to be a Formula 1 driver. However, my constant requests to Ferrari have so far been ignored. Probably better sticking to what I know about property management systems but I’ll still keep trying!